Old Pages, New Perspective

I can get lost in my mind for hours combing through my old journals. Here’s a poem.  That’s all.  May 1, 2014 Did you ever wonder what would happen if everybody in the world believed the same thing, If everybody put their faith in the sun of the day and the moon and the stars […]

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Rejected Dreams

Since I was young, I’ve always had ambitions. I’ve always had dreams, goals, and hopes for myself and my life. The older I’ve gotten, the further away those dreams seem to drift. Most times, I feel like I’ve lost sight of the dreams that used to be in the forefront of my mind. It pains […]

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On Mental Illness and Recovery

As I’m stuck inside on this beautiful snow/ice day in Charlotte, NC, I’m realizing how much I’ve enjoyed staying busy lately. I’m working two jobs, and though I’m still barely scraping by, I’m somewhat enjoying the fact that I don’t have too much time to be bored. There are so many things going right in […]

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Happiness in Words

This is more of a personal post, so if you’d like to read it you are welcome to. If not, no worries! Ever since I could hold a pencil, (or a crayon), I was obsessed with coloring, doodling, and writing at every chance I could get. Realizing at a young age that I was not at all […]

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